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People and planet come first; we’re developing a more prosperous, sustainable future for all.

Net Zero Carbon

In September 2020, we verified six of our buildings at MediaCity as Net Zero Carbon, using the UK Green Building Council’s 2019 framework definition. Collectively White, Blue and Orange Towers, Tomorrow building, as well as the Studios and the Garage, create the highest cluster of third party verified Net Zero Carbon buildings in the UK based on their operational carbon emissions.

Our Net Zero Carbon assets are externally verified on an annual basis. They include energy saving projects completed in the reporting year, as well as a comparison to the previous years’ performance.

Climate Resilience

With the global climate emergency becoming more real every day, we’ve started our journey to better understand the risks of climate change in relation to MediaCity. As a first step, we undertook a Climate Risk Assessment, which identified the potential climate-related risks facing MediaCity, at a neighbourhood and building level.

We modelled two climate scenarios, focussing on a 1.5°C and a 2°C increase in global temperature and forecasted risks to 2030, 2050 and 2060.  Building characteristics such as age, construction method and materials, as well as operational purpose were considered, to help develop a bespoke assessment of risks and adaptation actions suitable for each building. The recommendations from this assessment will be developed into a climate resilience adaptation plan for use in our asset management and investment programmes.


MediaCity was the first development in the UK to achieve the BREEAM Communities standard in 2011, which has set the tone for sustainability considerations across the estate; such as energy efficiency, recycling and sustainable transport. The assessment reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle.

Our policy demonstrates we are committed to achieving the highest practicable BREEAM scores for new developments and major refurbishments where we have operational control.


In 2015, 193 member states of the UN adopted a set of 17 global goals, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that pursue a sustainable future for the planet.

To achieve these ambitious goals, everyone needs to do their part. Therefore, we have aligned our sustainability plan with the five goals most relevant to us, but recognise that none could be achieved without partnerships with our occupiers and stakeholders.

To acknowledge the climate and ecological emergencies and take our climate action a step further, we have joined Business Declares, a movement made up of businesses taking authentic climate action to make a collective difference. As part of our commitment to Business Declares, we will be publishing a Climate Positive Plan in early 2022.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

ESG refers to a company’s consideration of environmental, social and governance factors, alongside financial factors. It’s an increasingly common way for investors to evaluate companies in which they may wish to invest. Here at MediaCity we think it’s important to show our stakeholders that we consider ESG seriously and that we are working hard to make our business and the local area more climate resilient and fit for the future.

Read our report

Putting people, and our planet, at the heart of everything we do has never felt more important. With a joint commitment, from us, our partners and our community, to embed sustainability and social value into all our decision-making processes, we’re not only future-proofing MediaCity. We’re building a healthier environment, economy and society for all.

The MediaCity Sustainability & Social Value Network supports this commitment, encouraging enthusiasts from across the site to come together, explore ideas and implement initiatives that make a positive impact.

The network has grown to 30+ businesses and has delivered genuine and measurable social value both on the estate, and across our local communities, whilst aligning with Salford and Greater Manchester strategies on sustainability.

Find out more here about the MediaCity Sustainability & Social Value Network and how to get involved.

Single-Use Plastic Charter

Single-use plastic products are used once, or for a short period of time, before being thrown away. Plastic is a fossil fuel-based resource, which contributes to increased greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Single-use plastics are escaping into our natural environment, causing degradation and negatively impacting wildlife and human health.

Here at MediaCity people and planet come first and for this reason we are launching a Single-Use Plastic Charter in support of #PlasticFreeGM, the first city-region wide plan to drive down avoidable single-use plastics, here in Greater Manchester. Sign up to our Charter to find out more.

Single-Use Plastic Charter


  • Green Flag Award

  • Green World Ambassador

  • Ecovardis Silver Medal

  • ISO 50001 Accreditation

  • TfGM Sustainable Journeys Gold Award

  • CyclingScore Platinum Award

  • GRESB status for Real Estate Sustainability

Travel choices

There are many ways to reach us at MediaCity, a walk along the Manchester Ship Canal, a cycle on National Cycling Network Route 55, a trip on Greater Manchester Metrolink trams, a ride on one of several bus services and if that is not enough, you can drive to us.

MediaCity welcomes electric vehicles

The Garage, our multi-storey car park, has 10 EV charging points should you need to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle whilst visiting us.

Sustainable travel

MediaCity continues to encourage active travellers and has achieved awards for its sustainable travel initiatives. We achieved CyclingScore’s Platinum award for our cycling provision and excellent occupier engagement services, as well as Transport for Greater Manchester’s Sustainable Journey Gold Award.


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