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Lucy Hulton – Digital Account Executive at Carbon Creative

It was very important to me to find somewhere I feel proud of working and that reflects my values.

Lucy worked hard to find her dream job at Carbon Creative, discounting many opportunities because she did her homework and researched the values of each of the companies until she found one that aligned with her own.

“If I am making changes in my own life to spread positivity every day, then I don’t want to work for a company that will have a negative impact on the community.

Lucy Hulton studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Salford, and continued her education by doing a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. She accepted the role of digital account executive at Carbon Creative because she wanted to work for an ethical business.

“I believe every business should be held accountable for their actions and it’s only right we should support the companies that are making a positive impact on the world.

“Carbon Creative’s clients are conscious of their business practices and impact on their staff, customers and wider communities.  Around fifteen people work here so I know everyone by name and it’s a great place to learn because I spend time with different departments.  I know the owners and their values.  I see this every day.

As a digital account executive, Lucy supports the digital team and liaises with the creative department and clients to develop digital content for clients including websites, posters, leaflets, booklets as well as branding and social media campaigns.

“My background is in writing rather than digital, so I’ve been learning a lot about website accessibility.  If like me you grew up with the internet and don’t having issues using it, you think it’s fit for purpose.  But really in many ways it’s not, for people with learning disabilities for example or colour blindness, there are specific things we can do to make websites accessible for everyone.

“I’ve particularly loved working for Keep Britain Tidy, we take part in community activities such as litter picks around the Quays.  It’s been great for our team building activity to go out in nature speak with people and help the community as best we can.

It’s important for Lucy that ethics are not just seen as environmental, but also in the way companies procure product and the way they treat people.

“We are working with a recruitment company that is investing in developing candidates’ careers rather than seeing them as a product or commodity.  This industry has suffered with a bad rep, so it’s heartening to see that at least one company is doing something about it and treating its candidates with respect and dignity.”

Lucy grew up in Normandy, France and is the daughter of a Salfordian mother. Lucy returned to her mum’s home city when she was fifteen.

“Before I started at Carbon Creative, I worked at Tesco in Salford for five years.  It was during the Pandemic I felt truly valued in that role and I witnessed a lot compassion and caring, there is a real sense of community here.  A lot of people came together to support each other.

Outside of work, Lucy continues her creative writing practice and thanks to a graduation award she has launched a literary publication called ‘Sparkling Tongue Press’.

“Sparkling Tongue Press is a name I came up with to positively describe my own difficulties with not quite knowing the right word.  Because I am bi-lingual I sometimes have trouble remembering words, it’s known as Tip of the Tongue phenomenon so rather than viewing it as a problem I decided to use as a device in my own writing practice.

Lucy’s Sparkling Tongue Press is her vehicle for celebrating visual text and diversity in writing and is running an open submission for people to submit poetry and writing about their own experiences in living between languages.

“Creative writing is very different to the writing I do at work though. Copy for clients is about stripping back to remove ambiguity in communications.  Creative writing is about developing layers of language that can have multiple meaning and interpretation. They are very different disciplines.

Lucy’s values have come to shape who she is and what she does.  Her philosophy is very inspiring and she ends with her own advice to herself.

“For me, the most important thing is live for the moment and be true to myself rather than chase something I don’t particularly want. I’m thinking about what is it that makes me happy in this job and in my life.  There are more things I want to do like learn music, write more and travel, but for now I am learning about what it is that is making me happy right now.”

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